So I turned in my official project proposal on 3/30/15, anddd I’m already off track. I vastly overestimated how quickly I’d get the language. I was basing my time estimations off of when I learned HTML a few years ago…I remember thinking it was really easy as I Googled everything. This is way more complex.

I started going through the Harrison video referenced in my last blog (and stated in my proposal that the tutorial would be done by 4/2/2015), however I just couldn’t get through it. I was lost within the first five minutes when he mentioned importing “cookielib” in the third line of code and didn’t explain further. Google couldn’t even give me a good explanation of what it was. The tutorial assumed you had some basic knowledge about Python, and it was tedious to keep googling along. From the Python beginner’s wiki, I found a very basic tutorial called Learn Python the Hard Way by Zed Shaw. It started as small as teaching how to become comfortable with Mac’s Terminal and TextWrangler, so I feel good about it. It’s very similar to Code Academy; the author strongly encourages readers to follow along and write out the code, even if it’s super basic. I feel much more comfortable with this format over a video tutorial. Unfortunately, I’ll need to take the time to go through Shaw’s book, and in my Proposal I projected that I’d be manipulating some form of my final code by now. Coding is hard 😦


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