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The New Celebrity: How Funny Novelty Accounts Gain Social Influence on Twitter

Abstract: Twitter, the second most popular social networking site in America, is host to a wide variety of users. The site design allows for more room for identity play, giving way to a wide variety of accounts that range from authentic representations of real life to completely fictitious. Novelty accounts fall on the fictitious spectrum, as personas developed for the purpose of tweeting comedic material. This has led to the rise of a new type of celebrity—one where a fictitious persona can be more popular than real life celebrities. I perform a case study examining the types of humor used by three accounts representative of a genre of female, white novelty personas—@girlposts, @WomensHumor, and @TweetLikeAGirl. The type of humor used by the accounts can help contribute to understanding how this new type of celebrity functions.


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